Here are some resources for getting up and running on Edmodo:

General Help Center with Links to almost everything:
  • Getting Started (you will need to create a group for your students to join)
  • Creating and managing groups
  • Posts, assignments, quizzes, polls, grade book
  • Creating a library for future use
  • Networking within the district and general learning community

Student Accounts:
  1. Make sure you have created a group before the students create their accounts
  2. Try to have everyone create at the same time (computer lab)
  3. Have an activity preloaded to experiment with, like a quiz, poll or blog post (maybe all 3!)
  4. Preview the video below prior to creating the account so kids know how to self-help

This video will show:
  • How to create a student account
  • How to join class/classes (have code visible to all)
  • Who you can communicate with (teachers or groups only - not directly with another student)
  • How you can communicate with others
  • How to turn in an assignment