1. Prepare what you want to say for your recording (a script, an outline, notes, ...)
2. Find the picture you want to use and save it or copy the link where you found it.
3. Go to www.Fotobabble.com
4. Upload the picture into Fotobabble

5. Press Record and begin speaking. Click Stop when you are finished.

Other ways to use Fotobabble:
  • Description of a setting
  • Description of personally created artwork (I can assist with scanning!)
  • Persuasive argument of a current event (elections, gas prices, school uniforms, etc)
  • How To instructions to make something
  • Critical analysis of a picture from social studies (immigrants entering Ellis Island, effects on towns when a railroad was brought through, benefits of nonprofit agencies, etc)
  • Causes and Effects in science (How did the canyon get there? What impact does a glacier have on its environment short term and long term? How did these mountains form?)

There are other tools like this out there. Fotobabble would be what I call "Step 1" in this forum. A more advanced tool which the user can create a moving mouth is Blabberize. After older students get their feet wet with Fotobabble I'd love to introduce them to Blabberize.