A perfect whiteboard tool for Showing What You Know. It is very similar to EduCreations. So far the only differences I see is EduCreations lets you type in text but Show Me lets you follow people, so if you are working as a team, you can always be in the loop of videos that have been made by your counterparts.

Tips for making an informative Show Me:
* Have any supporting materials or notes off to the side and easily viewable from where you are recording
* Upload any images prior to recording, so all you have to do is retreive the picture from your photo library
* Don't fret over ooohhh and ummmms - they are natural and no one notices
* Speak with en-er-gy. Seriously. A peppy voice or a silly side comment, makes it wayyyy more interesting

Here is a quick tutorial I made in two takes for making your own Show Me videos: